Fun with Python Lists and Dictionary with Modules , Functions.


Students exam marks records data available in dictionary format as given below, each student data is stored in the list format in dictionary.



1. Exam pass cut off marks : 35
2. Student records are stored in the list format and the ordered list contains data in this format
[student short name, English, French, Science, Social, Maths, Arts]


Use , Functions, Modules, List, Dictionary, Tuple, Integer, String, For and If conditions.


Write Python Code for the below Tasks.


1. Print the Student Names who got failed in at least in one subject.
   Expected print output format:
   PR, RJ, SM students are failed in at least one exam.
2. Print the Student Name who got passed in all exams.
  Expected print output format:
  BN student got passed in all exams.
3. Print the Student Name who got highest marks in Maths Subject.
  Expected print output format:
  AN student has got highest marks in Maths subject
4. Print all Student Names attended for the exams.
  Expected print output format:
   Student Names: PR, RJ, AN, BN, SM
5. Print all four Student Names and Marks in each Subject.
  Expected print output format:
  Student PR Marks: English:56, French: 32, Science:34, Social:56, Maths:78, Arts: 90
Congratulations!! You must be now confident to play with Python!
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