Below are the top comprehensive list of DevOps Tools to integrate to speed up the Development and Release a product features to Production environment.

Category Tool Name Comments
Cloud Infrastructure AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
Operating System Amazon Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, Windows
Version Control Tools Github, BitBucket, Git Lab
Build Tools Maven, Gradle, Node
Code Quality SonarQube
Artifact Management Jfrog, Nexus,
Container Management Docker,
Container Orchestration Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, MesOS
Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Prometheus, Dynatrace, AppDynamics, Datadog
Server Monitoring Splunk, Datadog,Sensu, Nagios
Alert/Incident  Management OpsGenie
Configuration Management Ansible, Puppet, Chef,
CI/CD Jenkins, Bamboo, UrbanCode, Argo, Travis CI, Circle CI,
Test Automation Selenium
Scripting Python, Bash
Infrastructure as a Code Terraform
Messaging Platform Slack, Gchat, Teams
Messaging Queue Kafka, ActiveMQ, RabitMQ
RDBMS Oracle, MySQL,  SQL Server
NoSQL MongoDB, DynamoDB
Agile Project Management JIRA
K8s Deployment Tools Helm
RESTApi Tools Postman

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