Hey! DevOps Engineer! You must know below Technical Terms.

Datacenter Sprint Agile Scrum Build Deploy
Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery IaaS PaaS SaaS Pay-As-You-Go
Shared Responsibility Model Cloud Native Applications Private Cloud Public Cloud Cloud Services Cloud Deployments
Serverless Stateful Stateless Downtime Uptime Authentication
Authorization High Availability Auto Scaling Scale Out Scale In Horizontal Scaling
Vertical Scaling Heap Memory API Load Balancer CLI Bastion
Snapshot Backup Restore Bare-Metal Cluster Commit
Job Container Microservice Environment Infrastructure Platform
Developer IaC Image Instance Ingress Egress
Node Master Control Plane Open Source Pod Playbook
Rolling Update Blue Green Deployment Roll Back Unit Testing Artifacts Functional Testing
Smoke Testing Encryption Governance Hybrid cloud Provisioning Code quality
Vulnerability Orchestration Waterfall Zero tolerance Agent Slave
Branch Canary Deployment Capacity Testing Performance Testing Configuration Integration Testing
Bug Bugfix Tracker Stories Sub-tasks Kanban
Dashboard Legacy Monolithic POC Regression Testing Change Management
Release Management RCA Versioning UAT Stage Prod
Dev QA Sandbox OS Kernel Shell
Cmd Database Restful API Cache Message Queue Virtualization
Web Server Build Server Application Server Middleware Back-end Security
Logging Monitoring Alerts Notifications Velocity DDoS Attach
Hardening Throttling Penetration Testing Project Plugins Archival
Replication Synchronization Asynchronization Schema Application Stack DSL
Protocol SCM Pipeline Tags Labels Resources

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